Rex Grossman Turns Down Offer to Play for Cleveland

Rex Grossman

Hmmmmm…you don’t see that every day.

Rex Grossman, reportedly a professional football player, turned down an offer to join the Cleveland Browns this week.

That’s not super hard to imagine, I mean, the Browns are a steaming dumpster fire where quarterbacks go to die – or at least their careers do.

That having been said, Grossman is technically an NFL quarterback and it’s rare that folks who make their living playing a sport are going to turn down an offer for a job.

As a ten-year veteran, Grossman would have made roughly $53,500 for this one week of work. It’s good work if you can get it.

Admittedly, most of that “work” would have been holding a clipboard and pretending to be game-ready.

So why is Grossman passing on the Browns? Does he have a better offer elsewhere? Is he nursing an injury? Does he feel like it’s time to hang up his cleats at 34-years-old?

Well, not so much, in Grossman’s case he’d rather chill with his family over the holidays and maybe do some kite surfing.

Well, there you have it.

The Browns are desperately in need of quarterback depth as Brian Hoyer has a bum shoulder and the “heir-apparent” Johnny Manziel saw his season come to an abrupt end thanks to a hamstring injury.

As it currently stands, practice squad quarterback Connor Shaw – an undrafted free agent who also got cut in training camp – is slated to make his NFL debut as the starter this Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens.

Cleveland originally cut Grossman in training camp and he never latched on with another team. As such, his decision to drink eggnog and watch “Scrooged” with his in-laws constitutes him deciding to punt on the 2014 season altogether.

Given that he’s rejecting Kyle Shanahan – who seems obsessed with keeping Grossman employed – it also potentially signals the end of his career.

The Browns are reportedly now reaching out to 30-year-old Tyler Thigpen – whom they also cut in the preseason – as their fallback option for Grossman.

I realize we don’t cover football all that often here at Cheap Seat Chronicles, but there’s something noteworthy about a quarterback who hasn’t seen more than clipboard duty since 2011 passing on the opportunity to sign with a team that needs a warm body and might find itself in a situation where the aforementioned warm body ends up as the team’s starting quarterback.

Okay, so it’s only sorta noteworthy. I mean we are talking about Rex Grossman and the Cleveland Browns.

The real reason that I dipped my toes into the football world mostly to serve as a semi-relevant segue to this clip from “Major League” that seems all-too-appropriate:

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