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Jersey Chasers

Last week, Adidas announced it would not seek a renewal of their contract to produce NBA-licensed product. For now, this means nothing. The current contract runs through the 2016-17 season, meaning jerseys and on-court tee shirts will continue being made … Continue reading

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Top Ten Gifts for the Baseball Fan

In addition to my role as “occasional columnist” here at”Cheap Seat Chronicles,” I work in a retail store that sells sports merchandise; clothing, hats, knick-knacks and other, non-knick-knacky miscellaneous items. With the regular season starting soon, new batches of baseball-related … Continue reading

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Fastball Special

Recently, it was announced that Minor League Baseball plans to institute a “pitch clock” during the 2015 season. This will be used as a trial and – if it goes well – could be brought to Major League Baseball in an … Continue reading

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Peyton Manning: Goodbye, You Beautiful Bastard (Maybe)

Last week I wrote about Peyton Manning with the theme being how he was good, but not as great as he could – and should – have been. That was before Sunday’s playoff game against Manning’s former team – the … Continue reading

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A Manning amongst Men

There are a few people in this world that seem to be created specifically to excel at what they do. For some reason, the universe decides to create someone who has the rare combination of talent and desire to show … Continue reading

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