About CSC

I launched “Cheap Seat Chronicles” in December of 2006, not long after I’d moved to Boston from the Midwest.

As I stated in the “About the Author” section, I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life and—especially since going to college at Minnesota State University—a huge Twins fan.

I got back into the swing of things on my previously-abandoned blog when I moved out east and that winter, due largely to a number of complaints about the high number of baseball-related posts on my personal blog, I launched “Cheap Seat Chronicles” as a way to keep two very different groups of readers happy.

Thus far it has proven to be a rousing success with both the baseball fans and the not-quite baseball fans in my life.

A cursory glance over the content here at CSC will tell you that much of my writing is focused on the aforementioned Minnesota Twins. I do, however, dive into the realm of baseball beyond Minnesota as I’m wont to consider myself a baseball fan first and a Twins fan second.

Additionally, you’ll find brief instances where I step outside of my general comfort zone to blog about the National Football League,  professional wrestling (the basis of which can be read here), or—on the rarest of occasions—college sports.

For the most part, however, this blog was started to be a baseball fan’s tribute to the game he loves. I attempt to give an insight from the regular fan’s perspective, not an insider or sports writer’s perspective.

I’m just a dude who loves himself some baseball and if I can get some people interested in reading about it and talking about, well then I’ve done my job.

These are the “Cheap Seat Chronicles.”



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