Chicago Cubs Acquire Miguel Montero from Arizona Diamondbacks

Miguel Montero

The trade winds have blown Miguel Montero from the desert to the windy city.

We first reported on the trade talks last night and now the deal is official.

It’s a straight-swap with Montero headed to Chicago and Arizona receiving a pair of right-handed pitchers; minor leaguers Zack Godley and Jefferson Mejia.

The Cubs will take on the entirety of the $40 million remaining on Montero’s contract over the next three seasons; a cost the club had clearly budgeted for based on their failed pursuit of Russell Martin earlier this offseason.

Montero, 31, will likely handle the lion’s share of the work in a platoon with the incumbent, Welington Castillo, getting the bulk of the starts against lefties.

Castillo is a career .306/.373/.472 hitter against Southpaws, but has a meager .240/.308/.376 line against right-handers. Montero offers the polar-opposite with a .272/.356/.442 line against right-handers and an abysmal .234/.297/.353 line against lefties.

Alternatively, the club could bypass the platoon and instead look to trade Castillo as he’s projected to make $2.1 million in 2015.

The Cubs aren’t operating on a tight budget, but that may be more than Chicago wants to pay for a backup catcher who only expects to play in one-third of the club’s games.

Regardless of what the club does with Castillo, the Montero addition should prove to be a very shrewd one for the Cubs. As we mentioned last night, Montero is highly-regarded for his pitch framing and blocking skills and has the potential to have a bounce-back season offensively in Chicago.

Arizona currently does not have an in-house candidate to replace Montero behind the plate, but the club’s re-tooled front office seems content to have shed the contract.

Neither of the prospects headed to Arizona are highly-regarded, although Mejia has drawn praise for mid-90s heat and a promising breaking ball; of the two, he likely has the higher ceiling.

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