Veteran’s Committee Elects No One to the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

The Veteran’s Committee has tallied their votes and the results are, unfortunately, unsurprising.

The 16-member panel of Hall of Fame players and managers, former executives and baseball writers representing the Veteran’s Committee chose not to elect any of the ten candidates into the Hall of Fame.

This year’s “Golden Era” candidates included: Dick Allen, Ken Boyer, Gil Hodges, Bob Howsam, Jim Kaat, Minnie Minoso, Tony Oliva, Billy Pierce, Luis Tiant and Maury Wills.

Candidates needed to earn 12 votes to reach the 75% required to gain entry into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown. The two closest vote-getters were Allen and Oliva who each finished with 11 total votes, just missing the mark for enshrinement. Kaat received 10 votes and Minoso garnered eight.

Craig Calcaterra at HardballTalk gave a great rundown of each of the candidates earlier today, so I won’t try to rehash his work. The long and short of it, however, is that there are a number of deserving candidates that were on this year’s Veteran’s Committee ballot and none of them will be taking their rightful place in Cooperstown.

There are plenty of other major issues with the existing Baseball Writers’ Association of America voting process to gain entry to the Hall of Fame that extend well beyond the Veteran’s Committee own inability to get more players into the Hall.

The BBWAA process is dogged with a number of major limitations including, but not limited to: the 10-player limit, the lifetime voting rights, the 10 years rule to gain voting rights, the writers who fancy themselves the “morality police,” and a slew of other issues.

Today’s vote by the Veteran’s Committee just further proves the systemic issues with the current setup for gaining entry into the Hall of Fame.

It’s been rumored that the BBWAA will be talking about making changes at this year’s Winter Meetings. That’s all well and good, but until I see some sort of legitimate change to the process, I’ll continue making my own fantasy Hall of Fame ballots and trying to stifle my rage when legitimate Hall of Famers get locked out of Cooperstown.

Here’s to hoping for better results when the BBWAA Hall of Fame voting results will be released on January 6, 2015.

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