Whacky weekend.

It was a weekend of some highs, some disappointments, some lows, and dab of completely outrageous.

The highs: The ALMS had their final running of the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta, and it was, as always, an epic race. Rebellion Racing pulled out a solid win after powerhouse Muscle Milk had to retire with overheating issues. As always though, the real race was in GT, with the Porsche of Team Falken Tire clawing their way up from starting in 6th to take the win.

Some disappointments: My favorite series, the FIA World Endurance Championship was in Japan for the 6 Hours of Fuji. Alas, it was a race that was never meant to be. Horrendous rain storms caused the race to be started under safety car conditions, and then was red flagged after only 8 laps. Then, after sitting on the grid for two solid hours, they tried again, running under safety car, but only managed another 7 laps before waving the red flag again. After another hour of idling, they gave it one more try under safety car, did one lap, and then called the race off. I feel so bad for the fans in Japan that came out, only to sit through a deluge and then have the race canceled.

Some lows:  MotoGP’s tire suppliers dropped the ball this weekend. The Australian Grand Prix track had been repaved with a new asphalt that was, in theory, supposed to be a grippier surface. Unfortunately, no one at Bridgestone bothered to think, “Hey. Maybe we should run some tests with our tires on this new kind of asphalt that no one has ever had a MotoGP race on before!” As a result, teams quickly realized that their tires didn’t stand a chance of lasting the whole race, and the organizers ended up lowering the number of laps and forced the riders to change bikes in the middle of the race so as to not wear down their tires too much. What a farce.

Completely outrageous: Think road rage only happens on public roads between civilian drivers?

Think again:

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