Countdown to Spring Training: 8 Days

Today the fine folks at Yahoo! Sports opened up their vastly-improved fantasy baseball game and that means only one thing, live baseball is right around the corner.

Let’s get right back into the countdown with another Major League Moment.

As a Minnesota Twins fan it seems only right that one of the biggest moments in club history should be included in the countdown.

Personally, I cannot think of a bigger moment than last year’s play-in game between the Twins and the Detroit Tigers, or simply “Game 163.”

As a Twins fan living in Boston, this game didn’t have much appeal to the masses. In fact, it was quite a struggle to even find the game.

Two days prior to this epic clash, I’d wasted an entire Sunday bouncing from sports bar to sports bar looking for a place that was playing the must-win game for the Twins on the season’s final day and failed miserably.

I did, however, manage to find a bar that was playing this game and by the late innings the entire bar was completely enthralled by the game.

As luck would have it there were an inordinately high number of displaced Tigers fans in the bar on the same night, so there was plenty of back and forth between our two sides with many of the otherwise-neutral members of Red Sox Nation choosing sides as the game wore on.

When Alexi Casilla laced that final shot in right field and Carlos Gomez came barreling into home plate the place went nuts. It was awesome seeing so many fans, who otherwise wouldn’t have bothered to watch the game, getting so into a game that didn’t involve New York or Boston.

In the end, I exchanged some final barbs with the Tigers fans and they wished the Twins luck and I drank a long-distance victory brew for the Twinkies.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

(You know, unless you were actually there…)

About Jeremiah Graves

I am a professional library dude, a cheeseburger enthusiast, a wannabe writer, a slow-pitch softball center fielder, an avid hunter (of churros), a cat-person, and — hopefully — one of your two or three favorite Iowans.
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2 Responses to Countdown to Spring Training: 8 Days

  1. Jaxie says:

    That was THE most amazing game I have ever had the pleasure of being at. It was SO LOUD I literally couldn’t hear right for days afterward.

    Hopefully this year we’ll win the Central without needing a Game 163, but I’ll certainly never forget that one.


    • Jeremiah Graves says:

      My hope is that with the lineup we’ve got and the rotation a year older and wiser, we’ll be able to distance ourselves from the rest of the division and we won’t be jet-lagged and battle-worn going into the first day of the playoffs this time around.


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