At the Very Least, Torii Hunter is Pretty Funny

Torii Hunter

Twins fans everywhere this Winter have either been celebrating or dreading the fact that the Twins anteed up $10M to a player worth probably more to the Twins for nostalgia than on the field production.

To those who have dreaded, I might ask one key question, in baseball, is $10M for a player who can still hit enough to be above league average still a lot of money?

This year, the average major league salary rose to $3.39M. Again, that was the average and overall, baseball player salaries as a percentage if revenue is around 40%, easily the lowest in all of major sports.

So, really, in my viewpoint, I don’t know why anyone is upset by the money spent on Hunter outside of the fact that the Twins could have possibly filled the hole with a better defensive player like Nori Aoki for less money, but then you wouldn’t have any of that nostalgia that might actually sell tickets in another lost season.

Also, this certainly wouldn’t be as funny…

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