Dan Haren Informs Marlins He Won’t be a Marlin

Dan Haren

Dan Haren has officially informed the Miami Marlins front office that he doesn’t intend to pitch for the club next season.

This news comes courtesy of Joe Fisaro, the Marlins beat writer for MLB.com:

This is no surprise as Haren previously went on the record saying that he’d only pitch in Los Angeles – be it for the Dodgers or Angels – or he’d retire.

He softened his stance late last month when he indicated that he would continue pitching if he could simply return to southern California, at the time the San Diego Padres were floated as another option.

It seems once again that he’s stepping back on the demands and is now simply angling for a team on the west coast that also has its Spring Training in Arizona.

Earlier this week Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reported that the Marlins are making an effort to move Haren, but no one is interested.

At his request, the Marlins have been trying to trade pitcher Dan Haren to a team closer to his Southern California home but have found no takers.

If Haren retires, the Marlins will allocate that money toward Mat Latos’ estimated $8.4 million salary.

While Haren hasn’t announced his retirement yet, it’s unclear how long the Marlins will be willing to let this drama play out as Spring Training continues to draw closer.

Miami was well-aware of Haren’s retirement stance when they traded for him as part of the Dee Gordon/Andrew Heaney deal back in December.

Admittedly, the $10 million that the Dodgers included to cover his salary – which Miami gets to keep regardless of whether they trade him or he retires – probably helped make the decision a little easier.

Given the Marlins’ recent trades of Heaney and Nathan Eovaldi, it would appear that the club made the trade with the hopes that they would have Haren as a member of the rotation. His veteran presence would be a welcome addition as the club awaits Jose Fernandez’s return to form following Tommy John surgery.

Ultimately, Haren will need to make a decision soon.

Will he stick to his guns and walk away from the $10 million he’s owed or will he gut it out and pitch for what figures to be a potential contender in Miami?

Only time will tell, but for Dan Haren, time is quickly running out.

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