RIP Baylor Kicker (Update: He’s Alive!)

Holy. Hell.

So that’s what a concussion looks like…

If you’re curious, that’s Baylor kicker, Chris Callahan getting absolutely obliterated in this afternoon’s Cotton Bowl.

Callahan was trying to make a tackle following a blocked field goal by Michigan State when he took a vicious blindside hit that appears to knock him out cold.

Baylor was leading 41-35 lead with roughly a minute left in the fourth quarter when Callahan’s 43-yard attempt was blocked and returned for a touchdown that saw Michigan State pull off an improbable 42-41 victory.

It’s probably safe to assume that Callahan thought he’d reached the worst point of his day when his field goal attempt got blocked. As it turned out, that kind of thinking would have been a bit presumptive.

The worst part of his day clearly came just a few short seconds later when his brains got scrambled all over the turf.

RIP Chris Callahan.


UPDATE: He’s (somehow) alive, y’all!!

He got blocked on a huge play.

His team lost the Bowl game.

He got destroyed on national television.

His brain damage has gone viral.

…but he’s alive. There are happy endings in the world!

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