…and again.

I ended up being pretty close to the mark, as the final results were: VET, RAI, GRO.


I learned a new phrase because of this race: Grand Chelem. This is the racing equivalent of a hat trick or grand slam. Vettel’s performance was so dominant that he not only got pole position, but he had the fastest lap of the race, led every lap, and won.

And this is the second time this season he’s done that. Jeebus.

What really has me tickled, though, is the guy in the #4 spot. Hulkenberg continues to show that he is a world champion class driver. Now if only one of the top constructors would hire him…

In other news, we got reminded again this weekend of just how dangerous motorsport can be. Both IndyCar and ALMS had nasty crashes this weekend:

Nobody got hurt at ALMS, but several spectators and the driver (Dario Franchitti) were pretty badly roughed up at IndyCar. Here’s hoping that Dario and all the fans make a speedy recovery.

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