So first things first…

Graves said he wanted me to write stuff about cars on here.

Now, I’m not a “car guy” in the truest sense of the word. I have never torn apart and reassembled an engine. I have never owned a muscle car. I find it exhausting talking about whatever exotic car is on everybody’s wish list because, seriously, how many of us will really ever own one? I can almost always identify the make and model of a car on sight, but hell if I can tell you what year or chassis number it is.

What I DO like, and most likely why Graves asked me to write stuff about cars here –of all places– is MOTORSPORT. I absolutely love watching, listening to, and reading about motorsport. Any of the various formulas, any of the endurance championships, any of the myriad touring car series, any of those crazy kids who race on two wheels, any of GT battles: I think it’s the best sport on earth.

Except NASCAR. Nobody likes NASCAR.

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