Great Scot: Roddy Piper to Host RAW


Rumors are circulating that “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has been asked to host an upcoming episode of RAW.

The rumors—largely spurred by a recent interview with Piper—state that he is in consideration to host the November 16 episode emanating from Madison Square Garden.

It is believed that Piper is currently the first runner-up for hosting duties that night, but many other internet dirt sheets are stating that recent TNA-signee, Hulk Hogan was the only person standing in his way.

Now that Hogan has signed with TNA he won’t be hosting RAW any time soon, so hopefully that completely clears the way for Piper to return to WWE television.

The last time we saw Piper was during the three-on-one legends match at WrestleMania 25. Piper himself has gone on record stating that he wants another chance to leave a lasting-impression with the WWE Universe.

“I wasn’t wild about WrestleMania 25 to put it mildly,” Piper said during an August interview on the Monday Night Mayhem radio show. “There’s not a chance in hell that that’s the last way you’re gonna see me.”

One can’t blame Piper for being upset with his underwhelming performance at WM25.

Piper—who is in notoriously bad shape—probably shouldn’t have been wrestling at the event at all, let alone on a lackluster team with “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

The three legends lost to Chris Jericho and saw their manager, Ric Flair, also get destroyed by a vicious Codebreaker before Hollywood star Mickey Rourke intervened and popped Jericho in the face with a flurry of fists.

The entire angle and subsequent match at WrestleMania came about after Jericho had preached that Mickey Rourke’s Oscar -nominated role as Randy “The Ram” Robinson in The Wrestler supplied WWE’s Hall of Famers & Legends with false hope.

Jericho claimed that the movie gave older wrestlers an illusion of grandeur, encouraging these “pathetic has-beens”—as Jericho was fond of referring to them—to continue to stepping into the ring, long past their primes.

The plan was to setup an eventual Jericho versus Rourke matchup at ‘Mania. Unfortunately, Rourke backed out—logically assuming it would ruin his chances of winning an Academy Award—and the WWE writer’s had to draw up a new game plan with just weeks before WM25.

It was then that Piper, Snuka, Steamboat, and Flair were inserted into the feud. Each week one of the Hall of Famers came out to confront Jericho and—after claiming to be good friends with Rouke—took offense to the claim, stating that they were the ones who had opened the door for Superstars like Jericho.

Each segment ended with Jericho berating the legends, both physically and verbally. With just two weeks before WM25, the official three-on-one match with Flair serving as a manager-of-sorts was announced.

Piper and Snuka both looked awful in the ring as they clearly hadn’t been given sufficient time to prepare and get in shape for such a high-profile matchup. Steamboat looked good—by comparison—and was even given a one-on-one match with Jericho at a subsequent pay-per-view.

After the WM25 matchup, the legends—except for Steamboat—were written off and forgotten. Understandably that left a bad taste in Piper’s mouth.

“Hot Rod” is a WWE legend and definitely doesn’t want or deserve the image of him out of shape and looking overwhelmed to be the last memory WWE fans are left with.

“In my mind, I want to put a cap on it as you say, with one more match, an extraordinary performance,” Piper told in an interview. “Ya know the clock is tickin’, let’s be honest, so sooner rather than later.”

With that in mind, it leads me—among others I’m sure—to be quite excited about a possible Piper stint as the guest host of RAW.

Piper would serve as a huge breath of fresh air from all of the quasi-celebrity hosts we’ve been inundated with in recent weeks. No more cheap plugs for awful movies or book tours or NASCAR races, just a wrestler who knows how to work a crowd and is a legitimate legend.

The WWE has missed the mark too many times with the guest host fiasco. We’ve seen Batista, Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes, Trish Stratus and Sgt. Slaughter all serve as guest host and—in terms of people who know the business—that’s about it.

A few hosts have had some special moments, but for the most part they’ve all been lackluster in the role.

Piper is someone who can work up a crowd and handle himself on the microphone with the best in the business, this proposed hosting gig should not only be one of the better we’ve seen, but also could lead to an amazing WWE sendoff for Piper.

“I think if you saw me in Raw that it would be leading into that match,” Piper said, and although he didn’t lay out anything specific, he did plant a seed for what could be a classic matchup. “I say this…why don’t you just put Roddy Piper and Vince McMahon in the ring.”

Whether there are any legs to that idea or not is irrelevant, what is important is that even before appearing on television, Piper is doing what he’s notorious for doing his entire career, stirring the pot.

Piper has me ready and interested not only to see the “Rowdy Scot” hosting RAW, but hopefully getting the sendoff he rightfully deserves.

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