Deadline Dilemma: Los Angeles Angels Running Out of Time to Improve


With the trade deadline a mere week away and numerous teams scrambling to make moves, the Los Angeles Angels are flying high.

Prior to play on Friday night, the Angels have the third-best record in all of baseball at 56-38.

The Halos have won six games in a row and nine of their last 10; all the while building up a three and a half game lead over the Texas Rangers and a five and a half game lead over the Seattle Mariners.

The offense—despite missing outfielders Torii Hunter and Vladimir Guerrero—has been the best in the American League since the All-Star break and continues firing on all cylinders thanks to big contributions from first baseman Kendry Morales and shortstop Erick Aybar.

The pitching has been a different story altogether.

On the season, the Angels’ pitching staff ranks in the bottom three in both ERA and WHIP in the American League. Additionally, they rank in the bottom five in both hits allowed and strikeouts.

As such, the Angels approach the deadline looking to improve the team’s pitching, as opposed to engaging in the annual search for an impact bat.

This year’s deadline figures to be a major change of pace for the Angels.


Read the rest of the article at BleacherReport.

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